Squad Guide for Beginners

Squad is one of the best military simulation games.

Military simulation games became much better in the last decade. This is mostly due to technological advancements. When we are talking about military simulation games, the first game we will think about is the Arma series. Arma is the long-standing king in this genre. However, there are other games also with very good communities and gameplay. One of these games is the Squad. “Squad” is being developed by Offworld Industries, and it is been in early access for several years. The game is getting updated regularly, and these updates are great. Squad is a very good game with hard to learn, and even harder to master mechanics.

  • Communicate

The most important thing about the Squad is communication. We do not suggest you play this game without earphones. Most probably the squad leader will kick you out after several minutes. Because as the name of the game suggests this game is about being a squad. These squads have 9 players in total. One of them becomes the squad leader and the others have to follow his/her orders. However, do not be discouraged Squad has one of the best communities in gaming, if you ask a question or think there is something wrong with an order most of the SL’s will listen. It is hard to be an SL. Because you will have to be in constant communication with other SL’s and your teammates. We do suggest playing as a medic for some time, because, it is easy and every team needs several of them.

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  • Maps

Squad maps are huge. They are not as big as Arma maps, but not as small as Battlefield maps either. However, there are plenty of maps with plenty of versions. Learning maps is important. Never forget where your main base and your teammates are. However, it is best you also learn how to call locations of enemies. To do this you can open your map and you will realize all the maps have 9 grids just like a keypad. After you learn this it is a piece of cake, you can call out enemies in locations. First, we look at the y-axis (letter) then the x-axis (number) and then the grid number. Also, you can hover over it with your mouse.

Image Credit: Squad Gamepedia
  • Vehicles and Construction

Vehicles are an important part of Squad. Logistics trucks are very important for your team. These trucks can carry massive loads of materials, like construction materials or ammo. Just like in real life you will need to carry your ammo to battle. These vehicles with materials allow your team to build spawn points like FOB or HAB’s. These main spawn points need construction materials. Therefore, if you are the designated logistics runner do your job and know that your team is only advancing because of you doing that. If the ammo at the base is over they will respawn without most of their bullets, grenades and even meds. This is a very important role in the game. Construction allows you to create many things. such as choke points, defenses, machine guns even LAW’s for tanks.

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Image Credit: Squad Forum
  • Verdict

Squad is a very fun game where you can make very good friends. The average age of the players is around 25. The community is awesome, and they are very helpful during your time of need. Be prepared to laugh more than you shoot. There are some amazing moments throughout the game, for example, winning by a very small margin. Squad requires some time to learn, but when you learn it you will realize it is a very good game.

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