Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is Coming to PC

Monster Hunter World announced their DLC release date.

RPG games are still the strongest gaming genre. Essentially nearly all games are a form of RPG. When you are playing a football game, you are roleplaying a player or a manager. Also, the best games of our time are RPG games such as God of War, GTA, etc. These games are with huge budgets. Many players enjoy playing RPG games. In the past we would get DLC’s for free, however, those days are long gone. Companies rarely can afford to be that generous lately. Generally, big games such as Monster Hunter World would already release maybe two DLC’s since the release date.

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Monster Hunter World is one of the biggest games around the world. The game is an action RPG multiplayer game from the third-person perspective. It’s still on top of the game sale lists. This is a considerable achievement even though the game was released last year in January. They are still one of the most sold games on Steam. Players can play from PlayStation 4, Xbox One or Windows. Monster Hunter World is an amazing game and a great addition to the Monster Hunter series. Therefore we were not that surprised when Capcom announced that there will a new DLC. This new DLC is already out on the console. Here is the PC trailer.

This DLC is also adding new features to the game. Ultra widescreen support is going to be available and players will be able to download high-resolution textures. The frame rates will be uncapped and the game will be supporting DirectX 12. Also, the new Master Rank will be available. However, we are wondering about the installation of these features. Monster Hunter World is already a hardware demanding game. Some of these texture packs etc. might be too much for the average gamer.

Master Rank hunts is going to be extremely fun to play with your friends. The monsters at that level is going to be extremely strong. There will be new items for players to use. Such as the grappling hook that allows you to directly cling to the monster. There will be new varieties of monsters. This will be the only expansion to Monster Hunter World.

Capcom announced the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne DLC date as of January 9th, 2019. Capcom confirmed also two new updates coming in February and March. They stated that they want to close the gap between console and PC update releases over the coming months because currently, the division between them is quite large which is several months.

Monster Hunter World
Image Credit: Steam

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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne DLC is not a very cheap expansion. However, the game is extremely repeatable. Plus it is really fun to play with your friends. And it will probably offer you another 60 hours of gameplay  We suggest you consider Monster Hunter World Iceborne expansion.

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