What Happened to Google Stadia?

Google Stadia has been out for some time.

Google Stadia was one of the most hyped objects in gaming history. What made people excited was the possibility of not needing anything besides a good internet connection. The sheer beauty of Google Stadia was the portability. However, since the beginning, most people who understood a little bit about gaming knew, something would not be right. For gamers, everything must be in the perfect spot. That is why we have all these great mouses, the best GPUs, a very good monitor, etc. Because these things affect your gaming. The latest studies show us that players upgrading from 60Hz to 240Hz have higher KD’s because of the refresh rate. However, Google Stadia can not compete with this type of gaming. Maybe in the future, it can, but today it is just impossible.

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Google Stadia does not need o to compete for top tier gaming. They did not market as such. However, the majority of gamers prefer to play multiplayer games. But Google Stadia can not enter that market. The input lag is a problem. This issue will continue for at least another 4-5 years. Google wanting to enter the gaming market is great. After all, all the big names are trying to enter this market even, Amazon. Gaming Market is probably the most emerging market on the planet. The reason is simple, with improvements in mobile technology in the last decade, everyone is now a potential gamer.

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So Google Stadia came out a few weeks ago. The reviews from gaming websites were generally average or below average. Some of them argue that it is good, but not for gamers and it can only be appealing to tech-savvy personas who want to try it. Others claimed it was a stupid idea, to begin with. So what happened to Google Stadia? The short answer is nothing. The input lag expected by us all. Fast internet needs was also advertised. However, the problem was how Google marketed it as. Google marketed Stadia as a game-changing product. However, it was not. It lacked many things on many fronts. If they were able to come up with a subscription-based system, players would be happier even better if they were able to expand their library. However currently in its current stance, there are better products out there.

Google Stadia
Image Credit: Google Stadia

Google Stadia is great on paper. But not so great when applied. If Google announced it as a Beta product, it would have been much more useful. Players would be a little bit keener on trying it out. The gaming websites would think since it is a Beta product, we should reserve judgment. However, since it was released as a full product, every small problem is listed as a failure. Also, it is not a full product. Google will most certainly improve upon this. Google Stadia might not be the product we wanted, but we still believe that it will be the future of gaming, but probably after 10 years.

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