What Should We Expect From Next Generation of Consoles?

The next generation of consoles is nearly here.

The next generation of consoles is coming soon. The consoles have always been in a powerful situation regarding gamers. Consoles have several advantages for the average consumer. First of all, you never have to worry about the specs, because every game that is produced for the console is coming with good optimization. Players never need to worry about the amount of FPS they will get or will there be stutters. These machines are designed for comfort. You can have a huge TV and just plug it and play it. This is why consoles are the biggest markets today.

Maybe one day we will see the official mouse and keyboard updates as well. However, consoles, for now, have their controllers in various shapes and sizes. The new generation is announced and we can expect great things from these as well. Consoles are getting stronger and stronger. Let us see what can we expect from Next Generation Consoles?

Backward Compatability

Backward Compatability is the number one factor, where players generally prefer to jump between generations. We all have favorite games that we want to play. In the last generations, this was with restrictions and payment. However, recent leaks suggest that the new Xbox Series X will have full backward compatibility. Of course, this is great news for players and even better for companies. The game libraries will be larger hopefully, and we still want to play that game form the beginning of the decade, well with this technology we can. Also, players need to keep in mind that these games will probably have their co-ops open, this means you can play with your friends whenever you want. Also read, Devil May Cry 6: What’s Next For Devils?

Better Controllers

This generation of consoles will have better controllers for sure. Playstation 5 DualShock controllers will be more responsive than the generation before. According to officials players will be able to feel the tension with buttons, this is a very interesting technology. The new Dualshock will have a touchpad screen as well. However, it may not come right away. The Xbox controller does look very similar to the last generation, with probably some small changes here and there. Although, we are also sure that Xbox will try to promote their pro controllers. However, even though they are console giants, players are buying Scuff controllers more and more. Regardless, there will be improvements coming with this generation.

Next Generation Consoles
Image Credit: Sony

Stronger Faster

Maybe the number one thing we need to check is how stronger these generations will be. According to officials from both Xbox and PlayStation, they will be extremely faster. Also, the systems will come with a special SSD. These SSD’s will make the game loading times much faster. This was a problem with consoles. Also, they will be twice as powerful. This means that these consoles will be able to support 8K. The consoles will be much faster and stronger. However, they also seem a little bit bulkier. The new Xbox Series X does look like a cuboid, which is different from previous generations. Also read, Borderlands 4: Will the King of Looter Shooter Get a Sequel?

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